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Resume Advice for Ambitious Educators

I’ve sat in on a number of interviews and have been responsible for making hiring recommendations for various positions in the school system over the past few years. In that time I’ve seen some great, and some dreadfully awful, resumes.¬†In the last few weeks I’ve also been

My ideal structure for a leadership pathway

School districts invest a lot of time and energy into training teachers, but they often miss the mark when it comes to training leaders. If districts invested a comparable amount of time and money into training leaders we would see more schools improve student performance, an increase

Protect Your Reputation

I don’t have any real data to support this, but I’m sure that if I did some sort of fancy statistical analysis on the relationship between the rise in ¬†popularity of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIN and professionals between the ages of 22 and say…50, I would

4 Habits of Credible Educational Leaders

I think a lot about the qualities and habits of good Principals and Assistant Principals because I hope to be one some day. Soon. So, I spend a lot of time analyzing the behavior and outcomes of good and bad leaders of all kinds. In doing so,

The Value of a Professional Circle of Influence

I first learned the value of having a professional circle of influence when I was a mathematics teacher at Turner Middle School. I had a knack for finding interesting ways to make the content challenging and intellectually engaging…for the top students. I struggled to do the same

Influence vs. Authority in Educational Leadership

I take a lot of time to reflect on my work and as I’ve grown as a leader I’ve been reflecting on the benefits of being influential vs. having some sort of officially sanctioned authority or positional power in the workplace. 4 years ago, when I accepted

Why I Ride A Motorcycle

I am not a religious man. I never have been. I believe in a higher power, call it God if you will, but I have never been able to commune with that higher power in church. Nor has any religious text brought me closer to understanding or

Investing in School Culture and Climate

My school just wrapped up its first successful Field Day (May Day to you old folks) for the first time in three years. Staff members have shared many different stories about prior Field Day events, but the long and short of it is that for one reason

What the testing culture does to some Georgia schools

I don’t think very many people outside of public education realize what an interruption testing is or can be to the normal functioning of a school…so I’ll tell you. School in Georgia begins in early August for students. During the first few weeks of school lots of

What does it mean to be an administrator ?

If you asked me what it meant to be an administrator 5 years ago I probably would have said something about strategic planning, the alignment of curriculum pedagogy, and assessment, and something uninspiring about a school’s mission and vision. If you ask me today, I’ll tell you