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What does it mean to be a successful educator? Does it mean finding work in the central office or becoming an administrator? Does it mean being published, receiving awards, or being publicly acknowledged by your peers for a job well done? Is success measured by your students’

Interview Season – 2015

This is my most, and least, favorite time of year…interview season. From around late February through July I find that I’m submitting myself to the judgement of strangers so that I’m able to climb, hand over hand, from one rung to the next…all in an effort to

Music, TV, and Me & My Girls

My wife and I cancelled our cable TV subscriptions nearly a year ago. Since that time our primary source of entertainment has been streaming video from services like Netflix, HBO Go, etc. In the beginning of our life as cord cutters, we binge watched entire seasons of

Servant Leadership

I hate conducting classroom observations. I always have. Sitting in the back of the room while a fellow educator does all the work makes me feel impotent, and worse still, like a life draining force in the room. I disliked being observed while I was a teacher


My motivation to write comes in fits and stops like a misfiring engine. One minute, the motivation is there, and writing is fluid. The next, I struggle to find the will to sit, type, or care about what it pouring out of me. In the past, the

A few thoughts on Ferguson

The recent string of deaths of unarmed Black folks has made me numb. The murder of Black folks by The State is once again the norm. That sickens and saddens me. I believe that education is the great equalizer, which is why I teach. However I now

Revisiting pay for performance

I wrote an essay about whether or not incentive pay was an incentive for teachers to cheat three years ago. This morning, the Atlanta Journal Constitution ran an article about new efforts to tie bonuses and teacher compensation to student performance. I don’t have much to say

Jovan in the classroom and Dewey on Freedom

I read chapter 5 of Dewey’s Experience and Education during lunch duty today. This was shortly after I completed a model lesson in one of my 3rd grade teachers’ classrooms.I taught the students to divide. I hope to have modeled the value of freedom in the classroom

When 9 year old boys attack 9 year old girls

Earlier today at work I was called to a teacher’s classroom to help remove a student who fought another. When I arrived, I found out that the instigator, a young man, was punching one of his peers in the back of the head while seated, arms over

My experience with Teach For America’s Summer Academy

I’m working as Instructional Coach for an elementary school in Atlanta this summer and our school site is hosting a summer institute for Teach for America (TFA) corp members. The corp members themselves are all very nice people who seem to be passionate about becoming classroom teachers.