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My experience with Teach For America’s Summer Academy

I’m working as Instructional Coach for an elementary school in Atlanta this summer and our school site is hosting a summer institute for Teach for America (TFA) corp members. The corp members themselves are all very nice people who seem to be passionate about becoming classroom teachers.

Ed Leadership, Doing The Right Work, & a WTF moment.

On this week’s episode I have a long and candid conversation with my colleague and fellow math coach, Paula Webb. In this episode we discuss how and why she became an educator, the crisis of leadership in inner city education, the quality, or lack thereof of teachers

My Thoughts on Dewey and Social Control

While chapter 3 of Dewey’s Experience and Education excited me, chapter 4 left me feeling slightly empty and immediately distant from Dewey’s ideas. He begins by explaining that now that he has adequately defined his criteria for educative experience, he can finally begin to move on to

Criteria of Experience for Progressive Educators

So far, the third chapter of Dewey’s Experience and Education has been my favorite. In it, Dewey give us his criteria for educative experiences as well as describe those experiences, and situations, that are non-educative. Dewey the philosopher takes a rather circuitous route toward describing his criteria

Where are the Black educators on Twitter?

A few weeks ago Last Thursday I went on a bit of a “Twitter rant” about the challenges that I face as an inner city mathematics educator. I shared how much I love my content but how the challenges that my students face outside of school sometimes

Should you be teaching in the hood ?

My school district just completed the annual testing cycle for middle and elementary school students. Normally I work much more closely with teachers than students, buy every year I get the opportunity to administer tests to small groups of special education students. This year my testing group

Educators as Entrepreneurs & more on the Quick Key App

This is part 2 of my conversation with Walter Duncan, the man behind Quick Key, the app that turns an educator’s smart phone into an automatic scanner. In this episode Walter and I dig deep into the beginnings of Quick Key, discuss what prompted his transition from

How to be an advocate for your (special needs) child

This one is for the parents who come across this blog… Roughly two weeks ago, I sat in on an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meeting for a special education student. Let’s call this student Rudy. Rudy has been in special education since he was in 2nd or

Experimentation and Empiricism: More thoughts on Dewey

In the second chapter of Experience and Education, Dewey begins to address some of the questions (who, what, when, where, how, and why) that need to be explored in order to create New Schools that are not simply the opposite of Traditional Schools. In this chapter, he proposes