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Why I Ride A Motorcycle

I am not a religious man. I never have been. I believe in a higher power, call it God if you will, but I have never been able to commune with that higher power in church. Nor has any religious text brought me closer to understanding or

Investing in School Culture and Climate

My school just wrapped up its first successful Field Day (May Day to you old folks) for the first time in three years. Staff members have shared many different stories about prior Field Day events, but the long and short of it is that for one reason

What the testing culture does to some Georgia schools

I don’t think very many people outside of public education realize what an interruption testing is or can be to the normal functioning of a school…so I’ll tell you. School in Georgia begins in early August for students. During the first few weeks of school lots of

What does it mean to be an administrator ?

If you asked me what it meant to be an administrator 5 years ago I probably would have said something about strategic planning, the alignment of curriculum pedagogy, and assessment, and something uninspiring about a school’s mission and vision. If you ask me today, I’ll tell you

Trust as a component of leadership

I’ve been an instructional leader for 4 years now and while much of my success is dependent on my ability to plan, monitor, and implement an instructional program, I believe the most significant contributing factor to my personal success as a leader has been my ability to


What does it mean to be a successful educator? Does it mean finding work in the central office or becoming an administrator? Does it mean being published, receiving awards, or being publicly acknowledged by your peers for a job well done? Is success measured by your students’

Interview Season – 2015

This is my most, and least, favorite time of year…interview season. From around late February through July I find that I’m submitting myself to the judgement of strangers so that I’m able to climb, hand over hand, from one rung to the next…all in an effort to

Music, TV, and Me & My Girls

My wife and I cancelled our cable TV subscriptions nearly a year ago. Since that time our primary source of entertainment has been streaming video from services like Netflix, HBO Go, etc. In the beginning of our life as cord cutters, we binge watched entire seasons of

Servant Leadership

I hate conducting classroom observations. I always have. Sitting in the back of the room while a fellow educator does all the work makes me feel impotent, and worse still, like a life draining force in the room. I disliked being observed while I was a teacher


My motivation to write comes in fits and stops like a misfiring engine. One minute, the motivation is there, and writing is fluid. The next, I struggle to find the will to sit, type, or care about what it pouring out of me. In the past, the