I hate removing students from class. I tend to only do this if a student is being significantly disruptive to the learning environment and the tools at my disposal aren’t working (administrative conferences, parent contact, temporary timeouts, temporary switching of teams/classes, etc.). I have about 15 substitute teachers in my building at the moment and today is one of the days when the tools at my disposal are proving ineffective.

My philosophy around removing students from class isn’t deep or complex. It’s simply about the numbers. If, based on current and previous behavior, I determine that the lost the learning time for a students’ classmates outweighs the time that it will take the teacher to manage of for the student to correct his or her own behavior, I pull that student from class.

I love all of my students, but none of them has the right to impede the learning opportunities of others.  And classroom removal is always a temporary measure. If students are able to regain their composure and/or explain why they were experiencing challenges, they get to go right back to class in order to resume learning.

Makes sense, no ? If not, let me know what you think in the comments…or tweet at me. I’m curious to know how other admins and teachers feel about this.

As always, thanks for reading.

Quick Write: Removing students from class

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